And It Begins

BA and Chele hit the road!

They’re off to California by way of the Santa Fe Trail. What they are actually going to do is… well… I don’t really know. It was briefly explained to me but, see, I got left behind so I forgot what I was told, out of spite.

Ok, I wasn’t really left behind. It’s more like BA is the Spring 2011 artist-in-residence at San Diego State University and there was no room for me in the car . That is, there was no room after BA and Chele and all their stuff was packed in Roxy (BA’s Subaru). Those two came up with the fantastic idea to make BA’s trip out to California a joint effort to explore a contemporary interpretation of America’s westward expansion! NEAT! (BA and Chele describe it much better in the About section.)

So, I have established what is now known as basecamp:alpha (kidding) here in Madison, WI and it is from basecamp:alpha (still kidding) where blog administration and support occurs. (That last part I actually do.)

To the two of them I send good vibes for safe travel!

Please read the About section next. Thank you.

Mr. Ponder (and Jackie)